About the Journal

Medycyna Środowiskowa - Environmental Medicine is the only specialist journal devoted exclusively to environmental medicine and environmental health problems published in Poland. Its aim is an exchange of information and the popularization of scientific data, as well as provision of practical knowledge useful to the environment of medical staff.

The journal Medycyna Środowiskowa - Environmental Medicin' covers the following problems:
- epidemiology of environmental health and environment risk factors related with health disorders;
- preventive medicine;
- physical and biological health hazards;
- pollution of the air and water and its effect on health, the social environment an its effect on physiology and pathology;
- environmental toxicology, especially with regard to intoxications with heavy metals;
- chemical load
- school hygiene, nutrition and obesity;
- life style and its effect on health;
- problems concerning physical activity;
- epidemiology of non-communicable diseases related with environmental factors;
- climate changes and their effect on human health, etc.

Each issue of the journal consists of editorials, original articles, review articles and, occasionally, reports from conferences on the environmental health of children and adults.

Articles submitted in English are prioritised for publication after previous checking by an language editor, in preference to articles submitted in Polish.
Abstracts of articles submitted in Polish should always be bilingual in both Polish and English.

All tables and illustrations to articles should have the legends in English. The quality of the layout, print, graphics and illustrations is prepared by a professional editor.
Sponsored articles and advertising materials are not published in the journal.
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